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Thornton Media has extensive experience working with public sector organisations, health authorities, NGOs and charities throughout the UK.

We have won national awards for promoting positive media coverage of mental health issues in the North West.

We write a hugely influential twice yearly magazine for Molnlycke Health Care in the UK, dealing with customers in both the NHS and the private sector.

And we advise and write for Action Medical Research covering issues as diverse as stem cell technology, premature babies and illness associated with old age.

We work with the resident doctors advising on ITV’s This Morning show.

And we are regular advisors on medical matters for Liverpool University, Edge Hill University and the School of Tropical Medicine.

Our writers include specialist health journalists writing for The Guardian and The Observer; Health Service Journal and Healthlines (a national magazine published by NHS agency the Health Development Agency).

They have edited Versus The Virus, an HIV prevention magazine and have produced HIV training and educational materials, throughout Africa and East Asia on behalf of international NGOs including UNICEF, International AIDS Alliance and Population Concern.

We have also provided communications and PR support for charities, the Royal College of GPs and the North West Healthy Schools Network.

Our team’s published works include books of advice for new fathers and health advice for students and staff at universities.




What is social Marketing?


Social marketing works in a different way to more commercial marketing methods, such as advertising and PR.

It uses marketing principles and techniques devised and perfected in these sectors to create, communicate and deliver value in order to influence target audience behaviours that benefit society (public health, safety, the environment and communities), as well as the target audience.

Thornton Media is putting all of our commercial, private sector marketing experience at the disposal of the public sector – providing successful, thought-provoking campaigns that work.

Our big initiatives to date are in the health sector where we have successfully carried out initiatives to help people quit smoking.

What can Social Marketing do for you?

Social marketing can help you influence the behaviour of target audiences in order to improve the welfare of individuals and society. It can:

  • Help identify the reasons people resist positive change
  • Uncover affordable benefits your audiences care about
  • Create ways to market those benefits in compelling and cost-effective ways

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